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Kayavarohan Shiv Temple, Kayavarohan, Gujarat

Kayavarohan Shiv Temple, Kayavarohan, Gujarat

Posted: 07/27/12

Kayavarohan is a village located in the Vadodara district, Gujarat, India. Kayavarohan is popularly known as Karvan and is situated on the National Highway No. 8 at a distance of 30 k.m.s from Vadodara. Kayavarohan/Karvan is an ancient town believed to have existed through each of the Four Ages. Lord Shiva in the Lakulisha avatara appeared at this place. According to myth, from here Lord Shiva transmigrated after demise in the form of a child and the Lord's mortal body disappeared. Thus the place came to be known as Kayavarohan [Kaya (Body) + Avarohan (Descent) = Where the body of the Lord has descended]. (Anurag Kumar Goel)